Please go to the “Applicants” page from the Navigation Tab above.
All materials, and detailed instructions, can be found there. The application is due April 5th, 2024, and all materials will be handled electronically.

The basic components of the application are as follows:

  • Application Form
  • Essays explaining purpose and fit
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Transcript from an accreditted secondary institution
  • Confirmation of an existing program

Donations will be used either to fund summer scholarships be put towards the endowment. Individual donations can be earmarked for one purpose or the other, although general donations to fund whichever objective is underfunded at a given time are very appreciated.

The first scholarship fund is for a regular summer stipend for selected candidate(s) on an annual basis beginning Summer 2015. The goal of this scholarship is to help fund a summer study abroad or non-profit/NGO/government employment for undergraduate students.
Eligible freshmen, sophomores and juniors may apply. The second scholarship is intended to be raised over 10-20 years which will eventually result in an endowed scholarship fund that will support an annual tuition at Princeton University.

The endowment will be used to fund a scholarship in Alan’s name at Princeton University, in perpetuity. The selection criteria for the scholarship have yet to be finalized, however they will reflect the value’s Alan held. This scholarship will be created as soon as the university’s threshold for endowing a scholarship has been reached.

As mentioned in the Mission Statement, the goal of the fund is to continue the values and spirit embodied by the late Bruce Alan Ebersole, our beloved friend and teammate. The foundation has set out to accomplish this by establishing the BAE Memorial Fund to provide scholarships for college students who share similar values and aspirations to those Alan embodied during his life: sport, scholarship, and service.

The summer scholarship is intended to support a student who would like to study abroad, work for a non-profit/NGO/government entity. The goal is for the stipend to offset some of the costs associated with summer experiences that may be enriching to a student but otherwise prohibitively expensive.

The Selection Committee will involve leadership from the Bruce Alan Ebersole Scholarship fund. Though exact membership of the committee may vary from year-to-year, the panel will consist of 4-6 committee members who will each review candidates to determine our winners. Committee members will always be those who were close to Alan, whether they be classmates, teammates, or family members who were familiar with Alan’s values and aspirations.

A true southern gentleman, Alan was born on September 21, 1984 to Bruce and Story Ebersole of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Alan’s younger brothers, Bern and Jase, both looked to him for guidance and leadership during their childhood. In high school, Alan distinguished himself from his peers by his numerous successes in swimming, school, and community service. Upon graduation from high school, Alan matriculated at Princeton University, pursued a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, and became a member of the Princeton University Competitive Swimming and Diving Team (PUCSDT). During a training trip his sophomore year, Alan passed away in a tragic accident on October 30, 2004. Alan’s memory continues to serve as a source of inspiration to all others looking to make the world a better place.